Thursday, July 9, 2009

Colour splash

Sometimes I feel
my house looks like a motley tunic
with colours thrown everywhere.

Be it the curtains, wooden bangles,
cloth bags, watch boxes or my jewellery...
everything has to have that element of colour.

That's a shot of my dressing-table.
There are no brass-pulls or carved knees
to boast about.
All it has are some hues here and there.
That Fossil watch box is one of my favourite ones. I use it
to store my earrings.

Blue, blwe or bleu?

Red from the north-east

Return to Magenta - on the little deck


padmamanasa said...

Your blog is super lovely, I just wish you wolud blog more :)

sher khan said...

one question, where is this crafter's antique shop? is it in Bangalore?

You should post more pictures. lovely home :-)

Voyager said...

Hi came across your blog today. excellent posts and u've a beautiful house. Please continue to blog...thanks.

sunanda said...

Stumbled on your blog while looking for info on fab india and what a delight it was!